Training Courses are now closed. To date, 188 attendees participated in our training courses on laser technologies. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you to solve your technical problem.

Free Trainings Courses on Laser Micro-manufacturing

Trainings to laser industrial materials processing are essential for a good comprehension of laser technology and a perfect control of laser materials micro processes. Ecolaserfact program aims at widely disseminating the possibilities given by these new technologies to Small and Medium Companies and Universities.

We regularly propose a one day introduction to laser micro-manufacturing technologies in Germany, France, United Kingdom, and Belgium.

Training courses are free of charges (except travel).

Trainings Courses Schedule

Training Program

Laser based master making process chains
Laser in micromanufacturing
Laser in micro welding
Laser safety and regulations
Laser surface modification of polymer
Machining strategies
Micro laser additive manufacturing
Multi axis laser machining
Polymers laser processing
Ultrashort pulsed laser


So far, 200 people from SMEs and Universities participated to our trainings.
Following these exchanges, fruitful collaborations started between research organizations and SMEs.
Besides, students learned more about new technologies and job opportunities in the domain of laser micro manufacturing.

Ecolaserfact thanks all speakers and participants!